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My School

The Apple

Fall Leaves


The Nuts

In The Mud

Goodnight Farmer Brown

 Piggy’s Day Out




The Pumpkin

What Is It?


The Election & Activity Kit

Thanksgiving Dinner


Turkey for Dinner

The Little Boy


Ready for Christmas

Jingle the Elf

Santa’s Vacation

Dear Santa

Reindeer Games

Gingerbread Man


100 Arms and Legs & Activity Kit

The Sled

Snow Day

Dressed for the Snow

The Missing Things

Groundhog Day

How to Make a Valentine

Baby Bear’s Toothache

Winter Turns to Spring

The Wind Blows

The Ugly Caterpillar

New Title Coming Soon


The Lion, the Lamb & the Troll

Little Bunny

Rainy Day

The Yellow Chick

What Is In The Egg?


Ants At A Picnic

Frog And Toad

In The Garden

Mommies Are Special

At The Beach

Going to Grandma’s House

Life in the Hive



Trees Through the Year

Who Helps Me?