Get Mommies Are Special (Individual KinderReaders Title)

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  • FIVE Books in One!
    One story, FOUR reading levels + a wordless version
  • Access to all formats for maximum learning & engagement:
    Printable PDF books
    PDF presentation for on-screen reading
    Video/Audio book

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Why KinderReaders?

  • 📚 Multiple Reading Levels: Four levels to match your child’s progress and ability.
  • 🖥️ Versatile Formats: Available in both printable and on-screen versions.
  • 🎧 Audiobooks: Enhance learning with engaging audio versions.
  • 👶 Wordless Version: Perfect for introducing storytelling and comprehension without text.
  • 🏫 Teacher-Approved: Loved by educators to differentiate learning.
  • 👩‍👧 Parent-Friendly: Easy for parents to use and support their child’s learning at home.
  • 🎉 Fun and Engaging: Keeps children motivated and interested in reading.

Why You Need KinderReaders

Teaching a child to read can be challenging and time-consuming.  With the multi-level approach KinderReaders offers, this program ensures that children are consistently challenged and engaged, promoting steady progress in their reading skills.  Teachers love it because reading groups can have the whole class reading the same story, but on their own level.

By incorporating both visual and auditory elements, this program addresses different learning preferences and makes reading an enjoyable experience for children. The inclusion of a wordless version allows young learners to develop storytelling and comprehension skills without the pressure of reading text, building a strong foundation for future reading success.

Interested in KinderReaders Plus?

KinderReaders Plus is a membership that includes all 50+ KinderReaders titles plus supporting materials. To upgrade after purchasing this individual title, it is only $70 for a yearly membership!

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